Tips to install wifi network so you can get most from it

antenna_mainNow a day’s it is not very difficult to create a wifi network, because you can easily create it with the help of a simple wifi router and basic settings. However, installing it in a right way and setting its antennas properly is the most important thing to get the best connectivity and following tips can help you in installation of your wifi network in a highly effective manner.

Install it in central location: Whether you are setting up your wifi network for your home use or you want to install it for your office purpose try to install it antenna at a central location so you can get maximum wifi coverage from it. If you cannot put the router at a central location, then you can install it corner and you can use a range expanding antenna at central location so you can use the wifi at every corner of your place.

Remove all the obstructions around it: If there is any obstruction or blocking around your wifi antennas, then it will reduce the range of your wifi network. So if there are any kinds of blockage or obstruction just remove those obstructions and make sure its antennas are installed at a completely open place instead of any closed one.

Understand the load: Many people believe that one wifi router and antenna can take the entire load of your wireless network. However, this is not true because every wifi antenna and routers comes with a maximum load capacity. So if you have higher number of user on your wifi network, understand the load of your network and device capabilities and if you find your devices are over loading then increase the counting of its antennas and repeaters so you can get maximum speed on your wifi network with no lagging of speed or performance.